Alternative Georgia's Publications

1. Report on Naloxone 

2. How effective Street Drug Testing is? (full report)

3. How effective Street Drug Testing is? (Policy Brief)

4. Educational Needs in the sphere of Addictology in Georgia 

5. The system of registration and follow up of drug users in Georgia

6. Investing in the Healthy Future (Drug Policy Action Plan for 2007-2009)

7. Drug Control in Georgia: Drug Testing and the Reduction in Drug Use? (The Beckley Foundation, Drug Policy Programme)

8. Women Who Inject Drugs in the Republic of Georgia: In Their Own Words

9. National Survey on Substance Use in the General Population in Georgia

Articles published in peer-reviewed journals:

Policing, massive street drug testing and poly-substance use chaos in Georgia- a policy case study

Opioid Addicted Buprenorphine Injectors: Drug Use During and After 12-Weeks of Buprenorphine-Naloxone or Methadone in the Republic of Georgia 

Methadone and Buprenorphine-naloxone are effective in reducing illicit buprenorphine and other opioid use and reducing HIV risk behavior - Outcomes of a randomized trial

Twice stigmatized: provider's perspectives on drug-using women in the Republic of Georgia  

Access to treatment for substance-using women in the Republic of Georgia: Socio-cultural and structural barriers

Female partners of opioid-injecting men in the Republic of Georgia: an initial characterization

Behavioral treatment+naltrexone reduces drug use and legal problems in Georgia 

Drug use and HIV risk reduction in opioid-injecting men in Georgia: behavioral treatment+naltrexone compared to usual care 

"We are ordinary men!": MSM identity categories in Tbilisi, Georgia 

Why do the clients of Georgian needle exchange programs inject buprenorphine?

Secrecy and risk among MSM in Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia:anti-drug law violates human rights 

Effectiveness of needle/syringe exchange program in Tbilisi

Factors related to the process of seeking and completing treatment for drug abuse (qualitative methods in drug abuse research)

Study of chemical composition of glue "RAZI" used by solvent abusers in Tbilisi







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