The First general population survey on drug use in Georgia

On May 4, 2016, the presentation of preliminary results of the general population survey on drugs and related attitudes (GPS) in Georgia took part at the premises of the National Centre for Disease Control in Tbilisi today. The survey is first of its kind in the countries of former Soviet Union and was conducted within the project Strengthening the Research Capacity in Addictology (Addiction Science) in Georgia that is funded by the USAID and Czech Developmental Agency within the USAID Emerging Donors Program.

The survey has been conducted by the Georgian researchers coordinated by the Addiction Research Center Alternative Georgia and supported by the scientist from the Charles University in Prague, the European Monitoring Centre on Drugs and Drug Addiction and prominent US researchers.

Not only the survey is being conducted strictly in accord with the standards of the EMCDDA model questionnaire for GPS, and with the guidelines of the US Household Surveys on Drugs; it also applies several novel methodologies aiming to overcome the cultural sensitivity of the drug use (and other marginal behaviors) that represents a phenomena threatening the reliability of studies in the drug field in the Southern Caucasus region. The preliminary results confirmed the efficacy of those novel methods that are substantially improving the quality of the survey and making its results highly useful for the drug policy planning in the Republic of Georgia.

Full results of the survey and the study report (in English and Georgian) will be presented at the press conference in the last week of July 2016.



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