Alternative Georgia

Alternative Georgia was founded in September 2004. Organization's main sphere of activity is drug dependence research as well as harm reduction advocacy, focusing on the promotion and support for effective, evidence-based strategies in the drugs' field; development and support for pragmatic and humane HIV and Drug legislation and protection of rights of marginalized groups.  

The main focuses of the research (behavioral and clinical) are opioid and home-made stimulants. Alternative Georgia has been collaborating with several leading international research institutions, such as Johns Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvania, Research Triangle Institute and Charles University in Prague.  



Alternative Georgia along with 6 other NGOs is a founder of the Georgian Harm Reduction Network (GHRN). The network now unites 21 organizations from all over the country and is a major provider of harm reduction services in Georgia.

In the field of Drug policy, organization's activities include: development of National Drug Policy Concept; development of National Action Plan for Drug Policy for the period of 2007-2009; organizing the first national Drug Policy Conference (2005) and the development of the proposal for legislative changes to the Georgian drug legislation. 

Annual report 2010

Annual report 2011

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