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Cannabinoid use in medicine - discussion on international best practices

July 02, 2022
Professor Müller-Vahl held the meeting for Georgian doctors and the general audience on the medical use of cannabinoids. Dr. Kirsten R. Müller-Vahl is a Professor of Psychiatry at the Department of Psychiatry, Social Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Hannover University. She uses cannabinoids to treat severe forms of epilepsy, ADHD, and other diagnoses among her patients. The event was organized on July 1st at Ilia State University. The meeting was supported by Cannapedia, Addiction Research Center Alternative Georgia, and Open society Foundation.

General Population Survey on Drugs 2022

March 29, 2022
In Georgia a survey of the general population was conducted in 2015 and currently, in 2022, being repeated. The study is funded by the European Union, specifically the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA).

European Web Survey on Drugs 2021

March 18, 2021
DO YOU USE DRUGS? EMCDDA launches 2021 European Web Survey on Drugs to assess patterns of drug use across 30 countries (18.03.2021, LISBON) Do you use drugs? How many? How often? These are among the questions posed in the latest European Web Survey on Drugs, launched today by the EU drugs agency (EMCDDA). Targeted at people, aged 18 and over, who have used drugs, the survey aims to improve understanding of patterns of drug use in Europe and help shape future drug policies and interventions (1).

International Cannabis Cultivation Study

October 08, 2020
International Cannabis Cultivation Questionnaire (ICCQ) was launched the first wave of this survey back in 2012. Thanks to the contribution of over 6500 growers around the world, researchers were able to publish more than 18 scientific papers which have helped challenge stereotypes of cannabis growers. The ICCQ is designed to study patterns of small-scale cannabis cultivation. The ICCQ was developed by members of the Global Cannabis Cultivation Research Consortium (GCCRC), which is comprised of researchers from around the world interested in a better understanding of domestic cannabis cultivation. Georgia joined the wave of this survey in 2020. Georgian version of the questionnaire was prepared by the Addiction Research Master Program of Ilia State University and Addiction Research Center - Alternative Georgia

Biopsychosocial approach in healthcare

June 19, 2020
Georgian Platform on Care developed accredited e-learning program of biopsychosocial approach in healthcare. Online course is already available for health care system specialists, medical students and other interested individuals.

European Ibogaine Forum 2019

December 07, 2019
European Ibogaine Forum 2019 was held on 5, 6 and 7th of December at Ilia State University. Event is organized by activist David Subeliani, Georgia Psychedelic Society, Ilia State University Master Program of Addiction Studies and Ibogaine For The World.

Training for criminal lawyers

December 02, 2019
On 2nd December 2019, “The Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC)” conducted a training on “Current Drug Policy and Human Rights” with the participation of criminal lawyers.